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About Me

Aspiring stand-up comedy archivist.

My name is Jessica Sutton and I am currently undertaking a Library Science MSc at City, University of London.

My main interest within LIS is the documentation and archiving of live performances, namely the performance of stand-up comedy.

My formal, academic background is in English and Communication Studies. I studied for my BA at the University of Liverpool, writing my dissertation on female comedians and gender inequality. When researching my chosen thesis, I found that the documentation of the performances was limited and this left me wondering how live comedy could be effectively documented and preserved for society in the future.  

Having previously worked as a teacher, I know the importance of helping people easily access and discover vital information. At the current moment, I can think of no more subversive an act than to work in the LIS field. Much like teachers, in this time of fake news and half-truths, LIS professionals are needed to help audiences distinguish between fact and fiction, guide people towards balanced arguments and enable an ongoing dialogue.

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