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Clean up your act: the importance of basic data control

Prior to our sixth DITA session, Working with Data I, I found reading Broman and Woo’s 2018 paper Data organisation in spreadsheets very helpful and informative. Focusing on data entry and storage aspects, it offers practical advice for organising spreadsheet data to reduce errors and ease later analyses. Some of the basic principles included in this paper…

Google: Finding the Truth

On the day I started this master’s, I was asked by an unconvinced family member to sum up the point of the course. Put on the spot (and not really knowing enough about it myself), part of my limited response suggested the point was to make information accessible to all. At the time, I was…

Garbage in, garbage out

During our first day of synchronous lectures, my mouse hovered reluctantly over the ‘raise hand’ function on Teams a number of times. I laughed at my hesitancy and wondered what was causing it. I told myself that it was the first day and understandably, I wasn’t completely sure how to approach the session. I reassured…

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